1) Encourage members to fulfill all GHSA certification advancement requirements; including passing part 1 test, passing part 2 test,  and attending the state rules clinic. STRIVE TO BE CERTIFIED!!


2) Encourage all MUA members to attend the state training camp and use the GHSA/NFHS approved mechanics for crews of 2-3-4.


3) Provide insight to individual members on how to use their rulebook and casebook by providing demonstrations, handouts, tests, etc. that would require looking answers up in the book.


4) Provide a more amiable game relationship between umpires, coaches, and players by entering into sportsmanship conversation in pre-game conference.


5) Encourage members to establish and maintain a higher level of fitness to help prevent injury and fatigue throughout the season.


6) Encourage members to utilize the “restriction to the dugout option” for problem coaches when the need arises.


7) Strive to improve consistency of rules interpretation and enforcement throughout the membership.


8) Improve umpiring as a whole by encouraging honesty, integrity and professionalism.


9) Stress professionalism, appearance, and perception by use of
game-management skills.


10) Encourage selfless behavior both on and off the field.