Conditioning for Umpires

Before starting any exercise & nutrition program
you need to consult with your physician first.

Start now

First consult with your Doctor

Don’t diet just quit eating crap.

Start slow – create a base

3 times a week to maintain

4-5 times a week to improve

Let yourself Rest!  Listen to your body

Hire a trainer to get started

Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise:

Anaerobic -  Glucose from muscle used – Lactic acid by product – Weight lifting

  Increase lean body mass i.e. metabolism.

Aerobic- means “in air “  glucose from fatty tissue is used – Running (12 to 20 minutes)

  Burns more calories and elevates metabolism for 20-30 min after exercise.


Regular low impact & low intensity exercise:

Regulate Workout through Target Heart Rate

60 - 70% of max heart rate for 15 to 20 min for optimum fat burning

70 - 80% of max heart rate for 20 min or more for cardio vascular results


Strengthen the core muscle groups:

Chest, abs, upper & lower back, glutes and quads

High Reps (10-15)  @ Lighter weights

Form is critical

REST between workouts!  Time for recovery critical to preventing injury.

Warm Up &Stretch!

Start all workouts with at least a 10 minute warm up 

Cool Down 10 minutes 

Stretch immediately after cool down (Never stretch cold!)

Hold each stretch for 10 sec – DO NOT BOUNCE!

Set goals!

Must be realistic

Short term and long term